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Be Someone.
Would you consider ultra fast network building?
Grow with others on similar paths.
Is there a difference between you and somebody you know?
YEAH. Some of them are JUST NOT like you, they do not do anything you do, there is no reason to listen to those.
Is that a growth network?
No but, here you find those people who are SIMILAR TO YOU, and it is sensible to know what they do. This is your Growth Network.
Step 1
Be poised to develop your core vision, mission and goals
A long life is a journey to behold, what makes this valuable is your thinking. Develop these statements as you grow and change.
If you google a goal nowadays, you will already find people having webinked them. They are moving, you need to do the same.
Your network will be based on how others react to these statements you produce. It is a learning process, which needs to start ASAP.
Step 2
Connect to the goal, and then the person, and then the app.
The creation of an environment is more important than creation of you, surround yourself among people who help you focus.
People are definitely ahead you, we just need to emulate them, learn from them, and grow further, faster with their help.
The app aids you in finding these individuals, as you grow, you can find more people. As you become directed, you can value these connections better.
Step 3
This sheet is meant to be shared with others staring
Nobody is going to achieve your goals for you, but you can immerse yourself in them by sticking to how they shimmer aka how others react to them.
Make an effort to be motivated. If your goals are worth following, your inner motivation increases. You get an idea of what will work for you.
This means you can use this profile to create a space for yourself, you can use it for others to identify you, and then understand you.
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How it works?
Two points of difference from regular social media apps
You can only build a network with those who match a skill you have or an activity you do.
Instead of just following a person, you have 4 options:
Mingle with them The regular feed of friends and followers
Learn from them A new feed where the person can teach you a specific thing
Aim at them A new feed of those on top in their fields surrounding your career
Cheer for them A new feed of people you wanna copy their lifestyle
You can make a network of unlimited people for free, but:
  • You can only follow a person on one of the above criteria
  • You can only match with people who share your thing(activity or skill)
This is how you build a strong network of companions that works for you!